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We all know the joys (and frustrations) of bringing a new puppy into our lives. Things such as choosing the right food, toys, house training, the perfect vet, etc all come to mind when you think of adding a new puppy to your home. The way your kids faces light up when they see it for the first time or that feeling you get from a new puppy after losing one that’s been a part of your life for so long. These are things most people expect when bringing home a new puppy. 
What we didn’t expect was a beautiful new friendship with the breeder! We have been blessed beyond measure by this wonderful family! You see, we aren’t your typical family. We have a child with a chronic illness, who spent 5 months in 3 different hospitals in 3 different states last year. Not only has this family been supportive in answering the many questions that go along with a new puppy, but they’ve been a complete Godsend to us during the last year with our son! 
Our sweet Chloe, has brought us so much joy during what has been the hardest time in our lives! She’s our “Easter puppy” as our boys like to call her because she became part of our family on Easter Day. We will be forever grateful to the Clemons family for all they’ve done! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in bringing home a new puppy!


I should start by emphasizing just how difficult it is to find the words to adequately describe our gratitude for Lisa/Hearts & Paws. We got our girl, Hazely on 2/1/20 & she is our first (& so far only) Goldendoodle. 

We made the decision that we were absolutely ready to expand our family with the addition of a puppy, over a year prior. In that time period, I had countless interactions with many different breeders but it wasn’t until I came across Lisa, that I immediately “just knew” this was finally it! 

Lisa definitely knows her pups, aside from physical traits, I also provided a brief description of the personality type I was hoping for & we chose our baby girl based on Lisa’s suggestion, which happened to be spot on!! Hazely has proven to be everything Lisa predicted, she is incredibly sweet & loving, exceptionally well behaved & to call her the smartest dog I’ve ever had the privilege of raising..would be an absolute understatement!! Hazely has not received any formal training, she is just 17 weeks old & since day one, it has never taken more then an hour or so of repetition (yet minimal effort on our part) for her to learn everything we attempt to teach her. 

Over all, our precious girl has brought us so much joy, it’s just not possible to measure the love we have for her, in words. 

Thank you to Lisa & her husband for making this such a positive experience & most of all for the greatest furbaby we could have ever asked for!! 

I will always support Hearts & Paws by referring everyone I know & as far as myself & my family are concerned, Lisa will always be our “go to” there is absolutely no other breeder that we will ever even consider!


I received my puppy from the 4/18 litter of Goldendoodles. I just had to stop and thank you and let you know how special Maggie is. I don't think I have ever had such a smart and loving dog. A few of the things that stand out is her beauty of course and the extra step you performed before we picked her up which was the head start on potty training. Maggie has never had any accidents in her crate whatsoever.

After her round of puppy shots were done, we took her to Marengo Creek Farms for some obedience training. She was there for 28 days and when we picked her up on 8/18/20 they pointed out that they have never trained a puppy that didn't have occasional accidents in their crate while staying with them. Maggie was the exception!!

This may seem little to some but it is extraordinary for me!

Thank you for all your support and help with the puppy. I truly would never go anywhere else if I decide I want another one.


We got our sweet Percy from the 3/16/21 litter and could not have be more pleased with the process of working with Lisa and are absolutely in love with our little boy! I will start off by saying that I had started looking for a goldendoodle breeder about 10 months prior to finding Hearts and Paws, but we were never quite comfortable. From the moment I spoke to Lisa, I knew this was the right fit for me. Percy is the first puppy I am raising on my own, and I was incredibly nervous about choosing the right breeder and being matched with the right puppy. Right off the bat Lisa was incredibly communicative, kind, patient and extremely knowledgeable. She knows her dogs so well and talked me through each of their personalities and traits. 

Once I chose which litter I wanted to go with, it was just down to waiting time. Once the puppies arrived Lisa was, again, wonderfully communicative (even with a newborn of her own!) and helped pair me with the right puppy for me - she knew I wanted an outgoing but snuggly boy and she absolutely nailed it! I FaceTimed with the pups and received regular updates. It was so helpful getting those weekly photos and updates on weight and temperament. 

I live in NYC and so opted to use the flight nanny option. This process was seamless and I felt Percy was being well cared for along the journey. 

Our Percy has been such a blessing since he came home and I really credit Lisa with how easy the transition has been. Percy was exposed to different stimuli as a puppy and introduced to the crate.From the beginning Percy was comfortable with riding in the car, with loud noises, people, children and other dogs. He is happy to sleep in his crate and was up to four hours at a time even at just 9 weeks! We are already getting a full nights sleep (with one 5AM potty break) at 12 weeks. Percy adapted incredibly well to potty training and has had barely any accidents since coming home. He has mastered sit and look and is well on his way with touch and drop it etc. He has been the star of his puppy classes!

 Percy is a happy and outgoing puppy who loves to socialize with others - be it for a good game of tug or a sweet snuggle. I cannot thank Lisa and her family enough for raising our sweet little boy and for giving him the best start in life. I would recommend Hearts and Paws Poodles and Doodles to any friend or family member. Thank you again Lisa! 


Testimonials: Testimonials
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